How I Can Help You

I can see further for you on many levels: physical, metaphysical, and into the afterlife on the other side for your loved ones. I can communicate with them and I can understand your pets, your significant other, your family and friends.
I can see issues that may have you stuck and unable to create what you want.  I can see where you are in life’s path and in your life purpose. I can help you see to be able to stay on that path where you belong.
I am the confidant who helps you figure it out.

I Can See For Miles

I can help you see how your past is affecting your present and how you are spiritually set up to heal it.

I help you develop your own psychic guidance.  I believe we’re all here to grow and learn.
Creating more harmony and synchronicity is fun…it’s also less wear and tear on us.

A Lot Of Us Are Going Through Change

I experience life as so much easier and better through meditation and awareness.
Years ago I volunteered to help others do the same.  The universe has taken me up on that.


What I Am Not

I am not a Magic 8 Ball.  The emphasis of my readings includes predictions but is not dependent on them…my work is counseling to get to the root of your problem, not just quick answers to treat the symptoms. I work with people who are self-aware and want to see more clearly what is going on in their lives and in their relationships with others.

817-732-7375  Weekdays between 11am and 5 pm

Thanks for visiting my website.

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